• Reviews for Brian Wilson

    Lloyd H

    June 4,2020

    Outstanding communication, very responsive, helpful and informative. The process was amazingly quick and as easy as possible. My highest recommendation!

  • Carol J

    June 2,2020

    Brian worked for us quickly, efficiently and always kept us informed. We would definitely work with him again and refer others.

  • Jack J

    May 30,2020

    Brian made the whole process super easy and very fast!

  • Josh K

    May 24,2020

    Very helpful - all around great!

  • Shana F

    May 24,2020

    Brian and his staff were quick to answer questions and provided excellent service!

  • Emily C

    May 20,2020

    The speed and communication was amazing from him and his team. Will definitely refer him.

  • Orlando L

    May 16,2020

    quick closing, good communication about status of loan approval

  • Joseph P

    May 12,2020

    Great communication, great rates, straightforward information, and always happy to answer questions

  • Ryan U

    May 11,2020

    Brian and everyone else were extremely helpful.

  • Dianne L

    May 5,2020

    This is the third time I have used Fairway. Brian Wilson and his team always do a fantastic job and ensure a smooth process all the way to closing. I highly recommend Fairway and Brian Wilson!

  • Nancy W

    May 1,2020

    Brian and his team make everything so easy and efficient. I trust them to provide accurate and timely information, and have my best interest in mind during the entire process. I have worked with them now on multiple mortgage transactions, and even referred my oldest daughter when they bought their first home. I would not even consider working with anyone else when it comes to a home loan.

  • Corey B

    April 29,2020

    Brian is great

  • Michael M

    April 27,2020

    Everyone that helped was very professional and very willing to help and answer any questions. Everyone was very quick to respond to any of my emails.

  • Tracy C

    April 23,2020

    Great customer service

  • David P

    April 2,2020

    It’s has to be the prompt responses and the accessibility To Brian and his staff !!

  • Andrew M

    March 24,2020

    Communication was great in the beginning. It began to fall apart later in the process. I was unaware of certain deadlines and needed extensions. This became an issue later in the process when I wanted to explore the possibility of waiting to get a better rate, at that point I guess getting an extension was no longer a possibility or they were no longer willing to do it. I understand numerous parties involved are all working hard throughout the process, I appreciate the effort on all parts.

  • Barrett P

    March 24,2020

    Closing was pushed back one day. Not great, but good.

  • Stevan G

    March 22,2020

    Our needs were met immediately giving us the ability to complete everything with the timeframes we had. Brian performed very well in getting everything done in a professional and prompt manner. He could not have been more attentive. It was a great experience. Thanks again in helping us enjoy our new home.

  • Gail G

    March 21,2020

    The ease of signing documents and the continued communications

  • Sara P

    March 20,2020

    Constant communication

  • Jack V

    March 14,2020

    E-communication was easy.

  • Allie R

    February 22,2020

    Brian was very attentive and communicative with us throughout the whole process. He made the home buying process easy and stress free. Thanks Brian!

  • Luis L

    February 10,2020

    Very responsive to requests. Did a great job educating us on the details.

  • John S

    January 22,2020

    Bryan was very communicative and optimistic about our financing throughout the whole process. He gave us good guidance that made everything work out as we hoped.

  • William J

    January 22,2020

    This is our third time using Brian Wilson. He has always kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend Brian and his team for your home purchase.

  • Donna G

    January 21,2020

    Knowledgeable kind helpful

  • Tommy G

    January 20,2020

    Quick response. Very professional!

  • Darlene C

    January 18,2020

    Brian walked with us every step of they way. He even went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed to close.

  • Rachel S

    January 17,2020

    Very helpful and excellent response time

  • Courtney W

    January 17,2020


  • Savannah H

    January 16,2020

    Brian was SO knowledgeable and efficient. He took time to provide us with options and made sure we were ready by our quick closing date. I am so thankful to Brian and the Fairway team that they were so fast, responsive, and professional! 10 out of 10 will recommend you to anyone I know seeking a new home loan!

  • Deea S

    January 10,2020

    Brian saved our home buying experience. We were financing with the home builder originally, when we hit a glitch in the process and they basically said, "so sorry, you're out of luck." We were referred to Brian by Ashley Alford. He offered us a few things to change and it made all the difference. He definitely knows his stuff. I'm very thankful that he worked on our purchase.

  • Lauren R

    January 10,2020

    Quick, easy home buying process with clear communication. Allowed us to close less than 30 days after first contact!

  • Andrew R

    January 10,2020

    Brian was quick to get us the best deal that was right for our family. He was fast and reliable throughout the entire process and provided valuable information to facilitate smooth transactions.

  • Furd H

    January 10,2020

    Easy to communicate with. Knows his stuff.

  • Karen W

    January 10,2020

    You pulled it off in a record time, never before heard of VA loan in such a short time.

  • Richard B

    January 10,2020

    Brian was always accessible as very easy to work with!

  • Crystal M

    December 8,2019

    Brian/Natalie and team were very patient and answered all of my questions. With Natalie's persistence we were able to close the loan quickly. I would highly recommend this team.

  • Leigh W

    December 8,2019

  • Jill B

    December 5,2019

    Everyone was so pleasant and helpful to work with.

  • Monte R

    November 30,2019

    All was a good friendly process

  • Lisa R

    November 27,2019

    Very easy process and had constant communication which is very important to me.

  • Jessica M

    November 14,2019

    I was well informed the entire way along the process

  • Kevin K

    November 12,2019

    Brian and his team were effective in moving along the process in an efficient manner while having awareness of the time lines we all needed to meet in order to close on the purchase of our house without delay. I would highly recommend Brian to my circle of influence.

  • David B

    October 31,2019

    Loved working with you guys. Thank you for all your help. The HELOC was a great idea and it fit right into our other fiscal and timing needs. Will be recommending you to anyone else we know who needs a mortgage.

  • Randall M

    October 30,2019

    We had a very good experience. Brian was very helpful in answering all questions we had for him. He’s very professional in his position & we would recommend him to anyone seeking a home mortgage. Everything went smooth from the beginning of the process to the closing date.

  • Eric P

    October 29,2019

    Brian and Natalie work incredibly hard to ensure that you are happy, aware, and prepared. I don't ever foresee myself going to someone else when I need help with a mortgage. They are a great team and they keep in touch even after the loan is closed to help me understand my loan and consider better options.

  • Quoc T

    October 19,2019

    They're very responsive and patient despite our constant stream of questions. They also provide us updated regularly, and they are very on top of things to ensure we're clear to close several days before closing date.

  • Pedro R

    October 14,2019

    Brian help me a lot about all the process step by step and giving me tips how to set up al the purchase of the house definitely he was really helpful this is my second house that I work with him and i would do it again

  • Gary A

    October 13,2019

    Brian is an awesome guy, very informative, and cares about the customer.

  • Bruce L

    October 13,2019

    Personalized Service-timely responses, great people to work with

  • Daren W

    October 2,2019

    Great communication and always felt in the loop...clear and concise ...very professional

  • Melissa W

    October 2,2019

    Constant communication andanswers questions quickly

  • Lawrence G

    September 24,2019

    Attention to detail. Do what you say you will do. Followed timeline.

  • Sharon B

    September 24,2019

    Quick response and an eager attitude to help

  • Makek E

    September 23,2019

    Brian did a great job explaining everything to me about buying a house

  • Siegrid Z

    September 23,2019

    Very professional and make things easy to understand.

  • Rafael R

    September 21,2019

    Loan process was done on time. People from Fairway was always available when needed.

  • Brian M

    September 19,2019

    Brian Wilson did a very professional job, I had full confidence - highly recommended!

  • Shawn P

    September 14,2019


  • Michael G

    September 12,2019

    Brian and his team did a great job assisting my wife and I with the purchase of our home. Very professional, he and his staff stayed in contact with us the entire time and made the process go smooth.

  • Michalene B

    September 11,2019

    Brian was super responsive and great to work with, especially in a time crunch.

  • Sohail S

    September 10,2019


  • Katherine N

    September 4,2019

    Knowledge, efficient, friendly, fast, kept us informed! Always happy to answer our questions!

  • Melissa G

    September 2,2019

    Made the process of buying my first house extremely easy. He answered all my questions in clear, easy to understand terms.

  • Alec B

    August 27,2019

    It was really great at first. He was incredibly helpful and communicative. But once we started moving, he wasn't communicative at all. I called and left two messages on his phone and he never returned our call. Natalie would talk to us, but was also not very communicative towards the end. They were able to help us and get us a house, which was amazing, but it was slightly frustrating to not get responses to questions, usually we'd only get a prompt response if our realtor contacted Brain

  • Andrew D

    August 22,2019

    Brian was able to give us an outlay of options, allowing us to see how our monthly payments would fluctuate based on the different variables at play. This information was clearly explained (including the variables) so that we easily understood the decision we were making. Everything leading up to that discussion was made incredibly easy for me and my wife, along with everything after that discussion. Brian and his team made sure we knew what was needed from us while they took care of the rest.

  • Billy T

    August 9,2019

    Brian Wilson made my mortage experience smooth and effortless and always answered my questions before I had a chance to ask them. A true professional.

  • Jason T

    August 5,2019

    Helped us get thru some obstacles and made it happen

  • Juan G

    August 1,2019

    Working with Brian was awesome. He was very patient and very detailed when explaining everything. It was a pleasure.

  • Rahul B

    August 1,2019

    Very professional and competent. Will highly recommend to family and friends

  • Austin B

    July 23,2019

    The Fairway team was very pleasant and professional. This was my first home-buying experience, and Fairway took almost all of the stress from the process. I highly recommend them. 🙂

  • Douglas F

    July 20,2019

    prompt, available with answers, informative

  • Shirl W

    July 1,2019

    Brian made the process easy and seamless. Competitive rates and personal service will bring us back in the future!

  • Alfred M

    June 25,2019

    very knowledgeable, anticipated my questions quick accurate response

  • Jason G

    June 12,2019

    As always good clear communication and service.

  • D'Meca H

    June 7,2019

    Great communication and service from Brian! Competitive rate and seamless pre-approval and loan processing from his team. Would recommend.

  • James W

    June 5,2019

    Modern, easy to use browser interface and functionality. Everybody at Fairway communicated their needs quickly and concisely and Brian was always available to talk. No last minute document requests or panic management; they are always 2 steps ahead. Good team, easy process.

  • Andrea W

    June 2,2019

    He communicated throughout the entire process.

  • Ronald B

    May 29,2019

    Very good experience for what it is. Thankful for Brian and what he has done for us over the years

  • Kathleen H

    May 20,2019

    Brian and Natalie did an outstanding job. They kept me informed at all times and were creative in finding ways to make the deal work. I would not have this house and mortgage without Brian’s help. Thank you!!!

  • Megan C

    May 3,2019

    Brian did a wonderfully job helping to navigate a out of state buy for us. He was fair, honest and timely and we would recommend him for your home buying needs.

  • Michelle M

    April 30,2019

    Brian and his staff made the process so easy! They communicated well and answered all my questions promptly.

  • Glenda M

    April 29,2019

    Brian was awesome to work with on our mortgage. He was always so positive and pleasant to deal with.

  • Julie A

    March 31,2019

    It was an easy process. The digital communications were clear and made handling things smooth and convenient. We were able to execute everything quickly and always received fast responses to questions.

  • John A

    March 31,2019

    Brian was always available to talk to when I had questions. He worked his best to get us a great rate and beat other lenders. If I buy another house, Brian will be the first person I call.

  • Isaias M

    March 30,2019

    I was able to refinance my first home to be able to purchase my forever home.. thanks to Brian and his team!

  • Kevin R

    March 15,2019

    Easy to work with.

  • Amanda W

    March 8,2019

    Very informative and helpful every step of the way.

  • Kristine O

    March 5,2019


  • Daniel R

    March 3,2019

    Always kept us informed of progress & very helpful in moving the process forward Very friendly

  • Jeffrey F

    March 1,2019

    It was a pleasure working with Brian. Everything was simple, timely and seamless throughout the process.

  • Kara F

    February 24,2019

    Communicative and I always felt like he was looking out for our best interests.

  • Kelsey H

    February 22,2019

    Wonderful experience with Brian. Quick to get in contact with us and he made it very easy. Thank you!

  • Cheryl E

    February 21,2019

    Brian and the team were always quick to respond to any questions along the way and willing to explain things as needed. Getting a mortgage is a horrible part of purchasing a home but Brian and his team made it as pleasant as possible and we felt he really listened to our needs and attempted to get the best options to us.

  • Richard H

    February 7,2019

    The special attention that was taken by Fairway Mortgage to review each and every document and contract sent by Affinity Title, LLC, on the property we were purchasing and making sure that it was accurate and without flaw to protect us as their customers.

  • Wendi D

    February 6,2019

    Brian was always very helpful.

  • Robin K

    February 4,2019

    The communication he had with us was great. Kept us informed at all times through this process.

  • Michael K

    February 1,2019

    Brian is AWESOME !!!

  • Gaytha A

    February 1,2019

    Quick response time and keep me up to date on progress

  • Neil R

    January 31,2019

    Brian and his team made this our smoothest mortgage experience ever. Highly recommend!

  • Terry B

    January 12,2019

    Natalie made the process so easy. Communication throughout the process was excellent. We had some tricky issues that could have caused delays but Natalie and Brian were so knowledgeable and helpful, we were able to close on time with no problems. We have had their help in the past and we wouldn’t use anyone else.

  • Bethany K

    January 9,2019

    I had immediate access to my questions and concerns being addressed. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

  • Renee M

    January 1,2019

    As first time home buyers, Brian was extremely thorough and answered every question we had throughout the process.

  • Michelle O

    December 19,2018

    Having Scott Campbell in conjunction with your group put this experience over the top!!

  • Margie C

    December 18,2018

    Brian and his team at Fairway Mortgage were easy to work with. They enabled me to be ready to close on time and with no issues. It was very painless. I would recommend them for sure.

  • Moraima W

    December 12,2018

    Great service all around. Brian was available and very patient with all of our questions. He helped make buying a home a lot less stressful by taking the time to listen to us and help us understand the loan application process.

  • Nicholas W

    November 13,2018

    Brian and his associates are professional and helpful. They've made both of my experiences with them topnotch.

  • Ronnie P

    October 19,2018

    I think Brian and his team did a great job of being on top of things throughout the whole process. The process was really stressful and required extensive documentation which I don't think Brian and his team should be held accountable for. They were great communicators and helped me understand questions I had throughout the process. I would suggest maybe forewarning future clients about how much detailed documentation is required and prepare mentally for making deadlines.

  • Todd O

    October 19,2018

    He was right on top of things through the entire process. Great follow up with emails, calls and text. 100% satisfied

  • Rebecca M

    October 10,2018

    Promptness of replies and explanations.

  • Chelsea K

    September 26,2018

    Keeping me up to date on every little step.

  • Bradford L

    September 25,2018

    Brian was extremely helpful initially; difficult to reach after contracting. Natalie was unprofessional in communications (eg., demanding, lack of courtesy, instructions provided were inconsistent with her requests, no apologies or clarifications). Worst was the last minute demand for additional funds to close w/no explanation. Simple explanation given during closing would have avoided the unnecessary stress and drama. Not likely to recommend.

  • Julee G

    September 18,2018

    Got my loan quickly.

  • Mari F

    September 16,2018

    Brian and his team were very responsive and made the loan process smooth and efficient !!! Love my new home!

  • Ashley P

    September 14,2018

    Brian was so helpful in such a stressful time! His team was fast and always answered every question!

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